All Men’s Trouble: Circumcision

Circumcision evil
That’s a quote from this insane site, Goodman Corporation, where they sell:

The innovative circumcision device, “Korea Good Man GM-CDS” no incision, suture, blood and pain…

All men’s trouble, Circumcision, can be easily solved now.

Everyone easily can do circumcision, Comfortable and safe operation with no incision, suture, blood and slight pain!

It hurts reading that.

6 Replies to “All Men’s Trouble: Circumcision”

  1. We are having no insane web-site.

    Please don’t misunderstand us.

    We have been approved from Authorities.


    Mr.Kelly Kim,overseas marketing director

  2. Jody…mr. Kim is looking for you and wants to demonstrate his product…but hey now worries its “approved from authorities”…

  3. I love the way they advertise it on the site:

    “No Incision, No Suture, No blood, Almost Painless.”

    It’s not painless, but it’s ALMOST PAINLESS. I’m sold.