Alternative Versions Of “Shock The Monkey”

peter gabriel as the monkeyReal World Remixed offers tracks from Real World artists’ songs so you can remix your own version of them, and they’re having a competition featuring Peter Gabriel‘s Shock The Money:

You have the chance to download a sample pack from Peter Gabriel’s ‘Shock The Monkey’, remix the track, and win an SSL Duende.

A friend on mine submitted a remix called Phillip Glass stole my drugs, which includes some subtle arpeggios and offbeat rhythms.

The Nemesis Monkey remix by someone I don’t know is interesting in that it uses every art-rock cliche ever used.

6 Replies to “Alternative Versions Of “Shock The Monkey””

  1. Cliche? Ouch, :-)

    By the way, I have had your friend’s mix in my favorites list. You should have him (Scott) drop by the realworld site again when he can :-)

    All the best,


  2. > uploaded mine on september 30th

    Nice piano work. Well done. It gets my vote, although the original vocal track doesn’t QUITE fit – he’s too agressive given the slow tempo you’ve given it.

  3. Half the problem is the song. Shock the friggin’ Monkey? Peter, how about Solsbury Hill or In Your Eyes or something with a bit of melody to it next time?

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