Amber Nash Does Ah-Ha

Three or four years ago, something like that, I noticed a post on the J-Walk Blog about a ukulele singer-songwriter from Cincinnati, Ohio, named Amber Nash. She was (and I suppose, still is) in a band called Ukebucket. J-Walk’s original post linked to (but don’t go there now; their URL has changed) where several MP3s demos were posted. I downloaded most of them, but the one that stuck and has pretty much become a classic in our house is her cover of the Ah-Ha song, “Take On Me.” We love it. It’s on a regular rotation in our MP3 players and I’ve added the song to a few CD-R compilations I’ve made over the years. Whenever the song comes up, people take notice because they recognize the tune but can’t place it. They’re usually pleasantly surprised when we tell them what it is. I even played the song a couple times on CKDU Radio when I had a show there a few years back. It’s been a big hit around here.

After getting so much mileage from the song and not paying a dime for it, I thought it would be nice to spread the good news about Amber Nash and at least give her some free publicity.

So here’s the song that started it all: Take On Me (demo).

Pretty damn sweet, ah? Now here’s a video of her playing the song in a record store where everyone is ignoring her. (She has numerous videos posted on YouTube.)

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And here’s the original Ah-Ha video with alternate lyrics.

NOTE: This post was modified on December 15/08 to incorporate some big info I missed the first time around. I could have striked out all the erroneous info like this, but it was easier to make some simple re-writes (it looks better too).

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