An Intelligent Atheist

This is the most intelligent and perceptive statement about atheism and religion I’ve read online:

    Atheists who attack religions for painting a false picture of the world are as unsophisticated and immature as religious believers, who mistake the picture for reality. The only mature attitude to religion is to see it for what it is — a kind of art, which only a child could mistake for reality, and which only a child would reject for being false.

It’s from an article by Dylan Evans called The 21st Century Atheist.

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3 Replies to “An Intelligent Atheist”

  1. Except the Fauves didn’t murder the Impressionists. It does have the merit of being one of the Pontius Pilate like statements ever given on the matter.

  2. It’s a nice thought, but I still sometimes have the desire to totally bash christians. I guess because I am frustrated. I see the truth right in front of them, but like children, they deny and deny and deny. They irritate me also because they think they are the ONLY right religion, but yet they’ve never looked to any other spiritual way. Total aggravation…..I’ll try and control myself though ;)

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