An Interview Between Christian Todd Friel and Christopher Hitchens

From Debunking Christianity, an awesome interview with Christopher Hitchens.

Friel: “If God created you and provides everything for you, does he have rights on your life?”

Hitchens: “No. I don’t accept anyone’s right to own me. I created my children and provide for them, but I don’t own them. Besides, would this mean that the sick and starving for whom God has not provided are not owned by God?”

Friel: “Um… next question…”

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  1. I just finished reading Hitchen’s “God is not Great”. I want to go through it again and make some notes for further reading. He does the research and gives much food for thought. Ballsy guy, would love to meet him in person just to get a real feel for what’s he like.

    There were times when I’d think “oh, he’s gone a bit over the line here” and then I’d think how the argument would go down coming from the other side and re-think my own hestitancy about calling a spade a frickin’ spade. He certainly takes no prisoners.

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