An Update About Wally

Wally at 5 monthsOur Newfoundland dog, Wally, is five months old and weighs 60 pounds, which is average for the breed. He’s not fat nor skinny. We feed him about six cups of dry food (Canidae) a day, which is mixed with a little water and canned food. He’s forever hungry.

His jowls are developing now, such that he drools occasionally. His eyes are beginning to have that bagged look, too; more fluid is beginning to collect around them, but nothing excessive or gross.

He still stumbles at times, still getting used to his fast growth. He’s loosing his baby teeth with some adult teeth coming in.

He doesn’t shed, but we brush him a few times every week. His coat is soft – he gets complimented on it a lot.

He’s sociable around people and dogs – very friendly.

He shits about 10 shovel-fulls a day.

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  1. “He shits about 10 shovel-fulls a day.”


    I clean up Otis’ crap everytime I mow the front yard. I think most of the time he craps in the woods or somewhere else besides our front yard. I haven’t heard any/many complaints yet. There are a lot of dogs on our road that roam pretty freely along with cats. No one cares really. Much different then suburbia.

    Wally still looks as cute as he did when you first got him.

  2. yeah..steph has been following what she can here about Wally…thanks to you her restrained and unsatieted desire to have an english sheep dog has surfaced with unyielding vigor….I believe in the near future I may have a slighty smaller (than wally,) but just as prolific biological pooping machine….

  3. Hello, I came across your site throught seagirts. Our newf is from the same place. His name is Moose and he will be 6 years old next month. Newfs are the best. Enjoy!!!

  4. > I came across your site throught seagirts

    I couldn’t find a link to this site from seagirt’s site. If a link exists, can you post it here?

    I can’t imagine getting any other breed of dog now that I have a Newf. I should post more about him.

  5. Hello again, oh course I can’t find how I got to your site now, I had been on seagirts links and some how got on yours. If I discover how I will post

  6. I think I can shed some light on this mystery. I put Seagirt in a search engine and it came up with our website, plus other places where our site is listed… but it also lists pages where our kennel name is mentioned. I had been on your site before Jody.. and yes you gave me the address last year.. lol.. but when I put in our kennel name it also listed your site. Not that I google myself or anything.. *looks away, innocently*

    Anyways glad you guys met each other.. Moose is an amazing sweet boy.. and Wally is getting there right Jody? :0)

    But that does remind me, I should add your site to my links, if that is ok Jody? Oh and I figured out how to upload my pages so they posted.. finally.. something to do with ftp? I downloaded this thing called filezilla.. and it works!! Yippeeee for me!!!!

  7. Wally is a big, lovable bear. Everyone who meets him loves him – he’s very sociable, although he can be a bit rambunctious – he IS still a pup.

    Yes, feel free to add a link to this site, although have you perused the crap posted here? Just warning you.

    Strange having this conversation through a website.

  8. “..crap posted here?”……nooooooo….never…here is a bastion of intellectual intercourse and discourse, mostly intercourse…

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