Android Smartphone Versus iPhone

HTC Desire Z smartphoneI recently purchased an HTC Desire Z, a smartphone that’s competitive to the iPhone and Blackberry. Here’s why I choose the android-based phone over others:

We had the need recently to get a 2nd cell phone. Our regular prepaid cell phone from President’s Choice Telecom is great: we like its minimal cost and features; however, if I were to get a 2nd cell phone I wanted internet access.

Smartphone options:

  1. Blackberry: I’ve used a couple Blackberries for work; I never grew fond of them: the keyboard and screens were too small, and I didn’t like its interface – its feature were not all intuitive for me.
  2. iPhone: I’ve been using an iPod Touch for about a year. I don’t use it for music. I use it for its wi-fi capability: email, Netflix, and general browsing. I like most everything about it: the touch screen, the applications, its quality. The iPhone’s interface would’ve been identical to my iPod Touch, so it was a serious contender – I knew what to expect.
  3. Windows-based: I didn’t even consider this. The selection was sparse and I found few reviews about them while researching other phones. Their new mobile operating system upgrades might worth considering, but that’s too late for me.
  4. Android-based: I have a couple of friends with these phones and I hadn’t heard anything bad about them. My main concern was their usability and availability of applications I wanted. The variety of android-based phones was daunting too – there are many manufacturers producing them so narrowing down what I wanted would be time-consuming.

My smartphone deciding factors:

  • I read lots of reviews about the iPhone screen breaking and Apple not honoring their warranty. Costco stopped distributing all Apple products partly because Apple wasn’t commited to this as much as Costco was.
  • iPhone was more expensive than other phones.
  • The interfaces of the non-iPhone phones I was considering were similar to what I was used to on the iPod Touch.
  • The selection of applications on android-based phones was comparable to what I was using on my iPod Touch.
  • I could easily start developing my own applications on android-based phones.
  • The android-based phones had similar features to the iPhone.
  • Android’s integration with Google products was attractive, since I use gmail and their other products a lot.

The final deciding factor: the geek in me couldn’t live with an iPhone.

I bought the HTC Desire Z at Costco, which uses Bell Canada as the provider. Cost of phone was around $100 for a 3 year commitment. Costco have me $75 gift certificate, which I put towards the cost of the phone, plus I got a free car charger. I bought an extended warranty for $50, which is refunded after the 3 year contract if I don’t use the warranty.

I’ve had the phone for a couple weeks now and it’s great – no complaints.

Resources that helped me decide between the HTC Desire Z and the iPhone:

2 Replies to “Android Smartphone Versus iPhone”

  1. I have issues with bell, since they tried to force us to pay like $300 a month for interweb tubes. Were there other options of providers?

    I would love to get an android just to program thingies into it. Like, a little virtual pet that I could feed and pat, while my real cat is rubbing against my legs and I yell at her to go away.

  2. Rogers and Telus were the major providers. Some others that us Maritime folks don’t see or hear of often that I forget the name of now.

    They have a virtual android for it now instead of a dog or cat – dress it up, etc.

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