Another Life

Jody awake for over 36 hoursI was interviewed by Phillip, my brother, the day after my son was born. I hadn’t slept for over 36 hours. I took Dawn to the hospital around 6am the previous day and she gave birth to Iain Robert Cairns 13 hours later. Dawn and I were up most of the night ensuring Iain’s needs were met. It was a hectic, exciting experience that made us laugh and cry, causing agony and exaltation. I gotta schedule that vasectomy now.

Thanks to all who left congratulations via email, comments, or on their own websites.

Regular updates to Steel White Table should resume this week.

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  1. Snippy-snip! I heard getting a vasectomy really ups the libido, you won’t have time to write zany antics on your blog anymore!

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