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  1. I answered it correctly. That reminds me of when I took a test to become a water traffic controler. 90% of the questions on the “aptitude” test were exactly like that, trying to make you answer wrong or to not actually answer the question they’re actually asking. Like:
    Boat a is 15 meters from the shore which is the east and 20 meters from boat b which is to the west. If boat a is traveling south at 5knots and boat b is traveling north at 8knots, how far is boat b from the shore to the east in five minutes of travel if the shore is a straight line?

    I made that example myself, so it’s pretty bad. It’s just a bunch of words to confuse you for no reason.

  2. > water traffic controler.

    That’s what my dad was for the Coast Guard for Halifax Harbour.

    I took a test for an Air Traffic Controller. My eyesight was too poor be considered, but the written test was like that, too; tricky questions.

  3. Cool. I aced the aptitude test so well then bombed the french tests. I did the french written and got a C, where they needed a B. But they let that slide cause I did so well on the aptitude test. Then to prove that my french is rusty, I bombed the oral as well. Works out though because the salary for water traffic controler maxed out at 33k a year.

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