Astro Boy: The Movie – A Review

astro boy movieI hadn’t heard of Astro Boy before this movie, but apparently it’s popular somewhere – was even a TV series.

Astro Boy the movie is a computer-animated movie about a robot kid. The movie has a dark tone similar to Wall-E, where humans abuse the environment and are complacent about their comfortable life style. Robots are self-aware but are predictably treated as inanimate objects. The movie’s about the kid robot acceptance AS a robot and his place in society.

My nine year old daughter enjoyed it, but she found some scenes a bit intense: intense action, characters in dire situations, and uncomfortable moments for characters.

Roger Ebert thought Astro Boy was better than Kung-Fu Panda, but I disagree: Kung Fu Panda was funny, exciting, and thoughtful. Astro Boy wasn’t funny and not too original. Astro Boy’s interaction with the other kids and his dilemma about being different (i.e. his robot-ness) was interesting and well done, but it was the only thing that engaged me. The action scenes were too over-whelming, like most action movies these days (although the scene in the stadium where Astro Boy has to combat other robots was cool).

Astro Boy fans may like this (I don’t know any) and kids will enjoy the robot-side of things, but adults may just find this ho-hum.

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  1. I use to watch Astro Boy while getting ready for school in the morning… I think between the grades of 4 and 8… so between 1984 and 88. I always like the series but I remember thinking how horrible. The into would start off by a scientist losing his son and then creating a robot replica of his son, but the robot son is rejected by his father so he goes and lives with robot parents. For a 9-10 year old kid, that is some intense stuff. As a kid what is the most horrifying thing for them and I bet they say losing their parents. I know Alexander’s scariest nightmares are ones where we leave him stranded somewhere.

  2. I liked Kung Fu Panda, but I loved Astro Boy. One of the best animated movies I’ve ever seen. I’ve seen it 3 times so far, and I can’t remember the last time I wanted to see a movie more than once (especially if I have to pay to see it). I can’t wait for the DVD of this to come out. And my kid relatives loved it too.

  3. Parabola: Were you familiar with Astro Boy before this movie? I had no preconceived view or expectation for it, so the movie had nothing to live up to in my mind – I had nothing to compare it to (eg. its TV show). And Kung Fu Panda can beat Astro Boy any day! :)

  4. Kids were home sick last week and I got tired of the kids movies…so went out and got monty python flying circus and about ten old james bond movies…curious how that may affect their intellecutal development..nine and eleven year old….no astro boy for them…just womenizing killer spys and twisted englishmen dressed up as women…”I ‘m a lumberjack and I’m okay…..”

  5. Jody, yeah, I’m aware of Astro Boy the manga, I’m a huge manga fan. And I saw a few episodes of the old Astro Boy series on Adult Swim some time back. Those old episodes were really pretty old-looking, and I wasn’t all that impressed, except with the show’s theme song. I went to the Astro Boy movie not really knowing what to expect. It surprised me with how good it really was. Better than Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, as good as UP in my opinion. And Astro could pound the Panda into a doormat any day!

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