A Really Fast Barbeque

This is the first time I’ve taken a crack at time-lapse photography. This 5 minute video of my girlfriend Jenny and I having a barbeque on our back porch actually took about 60 minutes to film. We made sheeshkobobs with shrimp, tofu (I’m not a fan, but anyway), Portobelo mushrooms, two big plumb tomatoes, green and yellow peppers, onions, etc. We ate it all with brown rice and red wine

Go Fly A Kite

Jenny and I went to the top of Signal Hill yesterday to fly a three-dollar kite we bought at the grocery store last week. It says on the package that the kite comes with 400 feet of string. What it doesn’t say, though, is that the end of the string isn’t actually tied to the spool. So if you let that sucker out all the way, you might as well