Bang Bang You’re Awake

A gunshot woke me up this morning at 5:30am. At least, it sounded like a gunshot. My bedroom wall faces my neighbor’s driveway, with about 20-25 feet separating our houses.

I got up and had a shower, thinking what I should do:

  • Check the basement under our bedroom: maybe the cat knocked something over.
  • Walk outside by the bedroom wall to see if anything could’ve caused the bang.
  • Check on my neighbor to see if they’re still alive.

The only thing I ended up doing was writing this post about it.

Maybe I dreamt it.

9 Replies to “Bang Bang You’re Awake”

  1. Last year, Michelle heard a big bang while I was at a soccer game. To scared to investigate, she just locked the doors. When I got back from the soccer game, I noticed that my 300 lbs garbage box was knocked over. No tire tracks and from talking to neighbours, they said a bear was in the area. I am taking my hunting course this year and buying a gun!

  2. How do you know it was a gun shot that woke you? I’m sure it was some load noise but why a gunshot.
    Dreaming about guns.

  3. We heard what sounded like 5 gun shots in the middle of the night last summer. I figured it must have been a bear sighting since I never saw anything in the news.

  4. maybe it was fireworks. I thought i heard gunshots at the most random times for quite a while, then one night i was out on the deck having a smoke at 2 in the goddamn morning, and saw a big ass firework flash in the sky and heard the loud gunshot noise. MYSTERY SOLVED!

    my neighbours have got to be americans….

  5. I was camping in Keji a few years back and thought I heard shotguns going off. I called the park rangers. They went to check it out, but said it was probably just kids shooting off fireworks over the lake.

  6. “…I don’t recall. I have got no memory, no memory at allll….”

    I need to find something else in my life….pornography, on line gambling….any suggestions…

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