BBC’s “The Blue Planet” & “Planet Earth”

The Blue Planet and Planet Earth are BBC documentary TV series that are without question the most spectacular, incredible documentaries about the natural world I have ever seen. They could easily play as a series of films in a theatre and it would be fantastic. At times it’s like watching science fiction with creatures that seem unreal, landscapes and geological formations even the most imaginative artists couldn’t conceive. There are shots of animals up close that turn into wide shots so wide you’d think the camera was fired into orbit. It’s not only a mind-blowing visual feast. It’s informative and dramatic. The narration reveals just enough to make you move in for a closer look, and you’ll be glad you did. The Blue Planet and Planet Earth may transform your perception of life, not just the planet and the natural world. My highest recommendations.

Planet Earth was recently Disneyfied as Earth and Oceans. The footage still looks pretty damn fantastic. But for home viewing, at least for anyone over the age of 10, the original Planet Earth is the way to go. (I’d avoid the commercial TV version too.)

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