Behind Closed Curtains

Top court reserves judgment in masturbation case (linked removed cause it no longer works):

The Supreme Court of Canada has reserved judgment in the case of a B.C. man caught masturbating in his own apartment living room.

A neighbour viewed Clark masturbating from her own apartment and called police. An officer who was also able to see Clark shone his light to attract Clark’s attention. Clark then jumped back from the window.

We’d all be in jail if we were as dumb as that. Oh, don’t tell me otherwise!

2 Replies to “Behind Closed Curtains”

  1. WHAT!? shit, i better pay closer attention to my blinds. the living room is where the satellite is, which is where channes 750+ are, which is where i…. well.

    damnit i didn’t know this was illegal!! Of course, by the time the police got there, i’d be long done with it. HAH, the bonuses of being too damn good at what you do….

  2. Niall’s comment was 5x more disturbing than the post.

    Isn’t it illegal to also peek into someone’s home? All these people looking in his apartment window, peeking inside, shining flashlights inside. He wasn’t in public. Maybe the neighbour should have just turned around, like normal humans, rather than making this HUGE embarassing rukus about something so stupid.

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