Best Halloween Candy

J-Walk posted a link to the 16 Worst Halloween Candies. I agree, most of the 16 are lame except Hersey’s Mr Goodbar which is a hunk of delicious chocolate. It’s hard to go wrong with pure milk chocolate. My favourites are just about anything from this box:


But in order of preference from the box: Kit Kat, the world’s greatest chocolate bar; Coffee Crisp, a bar I never buy because I’ll pick Kit Kat (or maybe a Mars bar) before anything else, but it’s still a appetizing chocolate bar; Aero, a chocolate bar full of bubbles; and Smarties, M&M’s less-addictive second cousin.

The worst Halloween candies are those watered-down toffee candies with Halloween-themed wrappers that nobody except maybe my grandmother when she still had her teeth would eat. Do kids still get those in their trick-or-treat bags?

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  1. yay for kit kats! that’s what my lawnmower, snowshovel and bicycle run on. but I actually like the molasses kisses – and they are so hard to find when raiding a kids halloween candy these days… kids DO part with them freely, can’t say that for the kit kats and coffee crisps

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