Bicycle Racing In New York City

The CouchI make near death look fun, featuring an exciting 50 MB video of a bicycle courier’s view while racing through the streets of New York City.

I used to bike 20 miles a day to university during the winter, slamming into trees and buildings after slipping on black ice. Fun stuff.


2 Replies to “Bicycle Racing In New York City”

  1. oh man, the visions of Jody’s bike just slipping out from under him and Jody crashing to the ground like Flat, only not screaming in pain like a little girl… priceless.

  2. I never broke any bones, though. Lots of scraps, bruises, maybe even concussions, but no smashed bones. I even bought a 2nd bike for the times my first bike was being repaired after a crash, so I could still ride something. Ah, the good ole days. I biked from Cole Harbour, in Nova Scotia, to Mount Saint Vincent University, by the way.

    While going to MUN in Newfoundland, I biked from Foxtrap to MUN for a summer, often having to walk downhill – DOWNHILL – because the wind was so strong. It took less effort to walk. Crazy.

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