Billy Boob Thorton, ya gotta love ’em

This is showing up all over Facebook already. It’s an interview with Billy Bob Thorton with CBC Radio 1’s “Q” host, Jian Ghomeshi.

The overblown celebrity ego is a delicate and tender thing, one which requires its own set of rules for proper care and handling. In some cases, famous figures are like characters from the movie Gremlins, and must be fed very specific things and placed in controlled environments, lest they morph into some sort of crazed demon. In other cases, these fragile creatures have tempers that operate on a hair-trigger, and can go off with no warning when someone says the wrong thing. Billy Bob Thornton falls into this latter category.

Skip to 6:50 and 11:25 for the good stuff.

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7 Replies to “Billy Boob Thorton, ya gotta love ’em”

  1. I would have not expected anything less. I love his hung over guy routine. This is from the same guy that he said “f#cking Angelina Jolie was like f#cking a couch” during an interview. I can guarantee you this, F#cking Angelina Jolie, is probably, most definitely NOT like f#cking a couch. I haven’t had the opportunity to do either, but I am certain that this statement was not true and just mean spirited.

  2. Couches aren’t so bad….. soft and voluptuous, cushiony, curvey, accomodating, sometimes wear leather………I gotta go….

  3. That poor DJ. You could see him squirming, doing everything in his power not to tell BBT to take a flying fucking leap.

    Tommy, I’m glad BBT didn’t say f’ing Angelina was like f’ing a park bench.

  4. The first of many parodies.

    After being booed by the audience in Toronto, he decided to cancel the remainder of the Canadian tour (the guitarist apparently has the flu).

    Real life is often more entertaining than fiction.

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