Black Coffee Makes Me Vomit

drinking coffeeI once tried to wean myself off the cream and sugar I put in coffee. The first time I went cold-turkey, drinking just black coffee, I vomited an hour after I drank it. Maybe it was the eggs I ate with breakfast.

The next day, drinking it black, I vomited it again about an hour after I finished the coffee. Maybe it was bad coffee.

When it occurred the third day I figured I was dumb; it must be the lack of sugar or cream. I added a teaspoon of sugar the next time with no cream, and I didn’t vomit.

Over the next few days I reduced the amount of sugar until I had none, and then I vomited. I need sugar in my coffee.

Apple juice doesn’t appeal to me either; it’s never made me puke, but its acidity makes me nauseated after a few sips.

So, my question: does any common food or beverage make you vomit like clockwork?

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  1. I grew up eating a Greek diet so I grew up eating wierd things. I do remember one time when I was about 10 and visiting Greece, I ate some cheezies and I puked hard that night. I have since been turned off on cheezies although I will still eat them.

    I hardly ever puke, but when I do, they should have a sound crew in the bathroom with me. My wife has only ever heard me puke once, and she thought I was dying! My pukes are of the Exorcist projectile vomit variety.

  2. Creamed corn makes me gag but that is because it looks like vomit. I am sure if I ate any, I would spew it back up. Your problem sounds unusual and would make me switch to herbal tea.

  3. Brussels sprouts make me want to heave. I couldn’t stand them when I was a kid, and recently I was at someone’s house for supper, and they served me brussel sprouts. I took one bite, and couldn’t bring myself to swallow it. I chewed it for about a minute before I left the table to spit it out. Just couldn’t do it. It wasn’t just the taste of it, which is bad enough, but I had a physical reaction to it. My mouth dried up, my stomach began to turn. It wasn’t a good scene.

  4. In a startling turn of events, I’m solidly with Phillip; Brussels sprouts make me gag. I cannot swallow or even chew them. Though I’ve never tried head cheese or anything more exotic than rabbit and beef ligaments (those wacky Milanese).

    Here’s a tip if you want to skip over the hour it takes the coffee to make you puke. Put in a teaspoon of salt instead.

    PS: playing language cop b/c this one is a pet peeve: “nauseous” is just like noxious; it refers to the quality of making other things queasy. “Nauseated” is the right word.

  5. Here in the Southern part of the USA they make coffee VERY strong. I have to have cream and sugar. In fact mine is more like coffee-milk.

  6. > PS: playing language cop

    I like language cops, but maybe that’s because I consider myself one to a small degree, to the annoyance of everyone I know.


  7. Gag and vomitting are not the same. Pickled cow tongues might make me gag, but I doubt it’d make me vomit. Eat a brussel sprout, then see if you puke. I dare ya. I double dare ya!

  8. I’m surprised Chris never responded to this post. Apparently he has quite an array of foods that make him gag. Mmmmm, peas & carrots Chris?

    The only consumable item that has ever managed to make me puke is rum.

  9. I still love coffee, but rescently it has started making my stomach spasm, and sometimes vomit.
    It’s like my body is saying no to caffine

    Any quantity of .5L or more of hard liquor makes me vomit too, and the day after just about anything may cause a similar reaction, at least until properly rehydrated.

    Any food will make me sick if I think about it making me sick enough. Like if you think enough sad thoughts you eventually become sad. I did this once to get out of an exam I hadn’t studied for. It worked, but it was gross, in the future I descided studying was the better option

  10. > Like if you think enough sad thoughts you eventually become sad

    I used to pretend I was sick sometimes to get out of going to school, in case I had a test or something due that day that wasn’t ready. The next day I’d REALLY be sick, which is cool, but also pissed me off; being sick is no fun. I stopped doing it after awhile.

  11. yes, carrots on an empty stomach make me vomit and I dont understand why. On an empty stomach while I eat carrots, I can feel the saliva build up and have to stop eating them or i puke. is there any reason behind this that you know of?

  12. haha, Ryan is right, almost all veggies make me gag. it’s sad… i need to get over that. i even tried a hypnotist! what a load of crap that was!

  13. Just the smell of brewing coffee makes me queasy. A full on whiff can make me vomit. I can’t even contemplate the idea of drinking it. I’ve checked on line for an obvious explanation but don’t find any. I’m not allergic to caffeine or protein. Does anyone else have this same aversion to coffee?

  14. yeah katydo.. ditto for me… have never even tried hot coffee because the smell is enough to make me feel sick.. in fact when someone sitting next to me is drinking hot coffee, i get a head ache! and am not allergic to caffeine either.. i have tried cold coffee once or twice and i think i vomited it out.

  15. Hey there!

    Don’t worry, you aren’t alone.
    Coffee makes me puke too. It’s frustrating, because I have this bugging thought in my head that I’m missing out on something, when 3/4 of the rest of the world are hooked on caffeine, starbucks and the like.

    My aunt says its due to hypersensitivity to caffeine, and it seems to run in my family.

    When I drink more than 20ml of coffee, I get incredibly accelerated heart rates, and a deep sense of nausea.

  16. Hi! A web search brought me to your post, which is well over two years old. Nonetheless! I was searching the web because, recently, coffee has been making me feel nauseated. I’ve never had trouble with it before.

    So… Maybe it’s strange to ask you whether you ever pinpointed why black coffee makes you vomit — but I am curious. Have you ever investigated?

  17. > Maybe it’s strange to ask you whether you ever pinpointed why black coffee makes you vomit — but I am curious. Have you ever investigated?

    I never went to a doctor about it. What else would I do? I experimented with reducing the amount of sugar in it, which I described in the post. Sugar reduces its acidity. I vomit when there’s no sugar.

    It wasn’t a new condition, either – my stomach just can’t handle the acidity.

  18. I too have the same reaction to drinking coffee. Sometimes I can’t get through an entire cup before I am running to the bathroom to throw it back up. But then there are other times when I can drink 4 or 5 cups and I am fine.
    I have found that the more stressed I am the easier it is for me to get sick. The coffee seems to weaken my stomach for some reason.

  19. The coffee seems to weaken my stomach for some reason.

    Coffee is acidic, especially cheap coffee or dark roast.

    Until I switched to medium roast beans which I grind myself, I haven’t had any stomach problems. Once in a while I’m over at someone’s house and they serve Nabob coffee or something else pre-ground, and before I’m half way through the cup (and I drink it with cream), I can feel my stomach burning, almost churning.

  20. Speaking of coffee, Jody, you may want reconsider buying a Bodum fresh press. At first I thought it was too much work emptying and cleaning it afterwards, but I just dump the grinds in the kitchen compost or swish it around with some water and flush it down the toilet. That’s the only possible negative I can think of.

    Using the cone method for making our coffee, Jenny and I used to use 3 scoops of grinds each (a scoop is about a tablespoon, I suppose, maybe less). Now with the Bodum, we only use 4 scoops between the two of us. The coffee from the Bodum has a heavier, richer flavour, almost earthy like a good peaty scotch is earthy.

    I still use the cone method when I’m making a single cup just for myself, and the cone method is better than any coffee maker coffee I’ve ever had, but the cone filter seems to filter out some flavour too. Not as rich, almost light compared to the Bodum.

    It took me about a month of using the Bodum to be sold on it. Once I got used to the richer flavour of the coffee, though, it was hard to go back to cones.

  21. phillip is it time for some more Kemble Mountain Roastery coffee…I think they have a web site…check out what they have …let me know I will send you some….they just expanded and opened a shop..the second vendor to do this in the past year…the market has become a hotbed of entrepeneureial spirit…despite the government grant sucking, socialist scam artist manager that runs the place….

  22. I have found the Methoxetamine, MXC it is a analogue of ketamine, a very strong dissasociative, counter acts the problem. i have some major health problems a few years ago, they put me in hospital, and i, and the doctors thought i might have cancer. i thought i was dying, and the doctors could not do anything about it.

    anyway something happened with my immune system, and it affected how i process some chemicals on a bio chemical level. i cant really drink coffee anymore, it is safer if i don’t.
    anyway small doses of MXC every day make you high, but with stimulants you level back out. so that it changes the way your brain interacts with your digestive system.

    and my health problems went away. this chemical and its associated related chemicals are all illegal. i am no doctor so i don’t know biologically what they do to your system, but if something helps you in your day to day life, i don’t think it should be ignored.

    peace people.

  23. Since I was a child the smell of roasting coffee makes me sick. I think it’s due to high acidity in the system. This forum has been insightful.

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