Black Dub East Coast Tour? (I think not)

Black Dub apparently went on an east coast tour in the fall and now they’re doing a west coast tour. But what qualifies as east these days leaves a lot to be desired for those us who live on an actual coast in eastern North America.

A message to Black Dub management: St. John’s, Newfoundland is east. So is Halifax, Nova Scotia. Even Moncton, New Brunswick is east. Any further west than that isn’t exactly east, and it definitely isn’t coast.

So when you’re ready for a real east coast tour, get the band on a plane to St. John’s and then go from there. We’ll be ready for you.

The Holy Heart Auditorium (at 709-754-1600) would be a great venue for Black Dub (just saying).

Message to Black Dub management ends here. Everyone else, check out the live footage. It’s beautiful.

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Phillip Cairns is a beekeeper in St. John's, Newfoundland, who writes about beekeeping at

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