Black Hole Machine

I read in a NY Times article about a lawsuit being launched in Hawaii to stop a large-scale physics experiment in Switzerland. The experiment will try to reproduce conditions that existed immediately after the Big Bang. Some people are worried it may also create a small black hole that will eat the Earth.

Here’s a photo of the collider:


It looks like the planet eater from Star Trek’s The Doomsday Machine episode:


(This post was actually written by Jenny)

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13 Replies to “Black Hole Machine”

  1. Ah yes, but how would we know?

    (Part of me is completely freaked out by this. Part of me is rolling my eyes at the other part of me.)

  2. I’m surprised this post hasn’t been picked up by blogs all over the world. This should be big news. People don’t appreciate Star Trek like they should.

    • I Personally find Star Trek to be before it’s time however don’t you find it’s optimism wanting rather than realistic.. I can not fathom the amount of times our species would need to avoid extinction to acquire that level of technology or that stability of harmony within our culture.. sure it’s possible but not probable … as is this universe altogether.. I just don’t see it in OUR timeline that is all..

  3. Maybe some kind of freaky time warp / time travel event will occur as a result of the experiment thus causing the big bang billions of years ago ! PARADOX !!!!!

  4. well if thats the case there is our universe just very small and some time to come this will happen again in that very small universe and technically we’d be classed as our own gods

  5. i see this as a time to look at god and say if its time its time. and if a 13 year old boy can think that ya’ll should be able to also :)

  6. Lots of people seem to think our nation has the best military. Historically, european militaries have always been ahead of ours. What I mean to say is, despite all our stealth bombers, thermonuclear weapons, and massive land sea and air forces, the europeans have come up with a way to destroy us all at will with a single company. Kudos to them. MASS GRAVES modern style.

    • It seems the initial fear of it causing the destruction of man kind has been Avoided … still the experiments with this device will not end till it is dismantled and some of those experiments will undoubtedly be risky at best… scientifically speaking… however the military manipulations of this device are potentially endless … historically this has been proven fact.. as we are inherently a unstable species . R.I.P. PJZ…

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