Bloglines Withdrawal

The owners of the domain name are accepting offers from interested parties willing to obtain ownership rights over the domain name. You may learn more about how to place your offer by clicking HERE.

WHAT THE?! Someone forget to mail the cheque?

I backed up my blogline feeds about six months ago. Did you back up yours?

Online Bloglines alternatives:

I think Yahoo! has one, but here’s a list of some web and client-based programs RSS readers.

Update: J-Walk reports it’s working for him. Maybe it IS a Canadian thing. Here’s a screenshot of what I get (click to enlarge):

Bloglines is down?

7 Replies to “Bloglines Withdrawal”

  1. That’s strange. I haven’t noticed any downtime at Bloglines, and everything appears to be working normally. In fact, I found this post via Bloglines.

  2. I did some investigation and it appeared our work’s servers were infected by something that redirected some IPs. We informed infrastructure and they confirmed my findings:

    Symantec Enterprise Security Gateway products include a DNS proxy, DNSd, which functions as a DNS server. Symantec resolved a DNS cache-poisoning vulnerability that was reported to impact the Symantec Gateway Security products that are listed in the Solution section of this page. Under specific conditions and configurations, incorrect or false DNS records could be inserted into the DNS cache tables, resulting in incorrect responses to legitimate DNS requests.

    They fixed it today.

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