Broccoli For Breakfast

My 2½ year old son had left-over broccoli for breakfast: he took the container from the fridge, sat down in front of the TV to watch Arthur, then started munching the cold, damp broccoli like it was candy.

I would’ve taken a photo but my batteries were dead. Honest!

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  1. I believe that this is simply his canabilistic side presenting itself…probably due to his innumerable hours watching veggie tales..although with the christian message of this show perhaps your son is simply trying to get closer to god…in light of the former comment i highly recommend that you allow his repeated viewing of “Alive”…this should allow his canabilistic nature to the proper carnivorous manner..

    or he could just be so hungry he will eat anything….

    or you could stop cattle prodding him everytime he eats something with sugar…

    or he could just be a neat kid….

  2. I think it’s a bit of all that, plus having a vegetarian in the house helps a lot; they get introduced to a nice variety of fruits and vegetables. My kids eat avocados as a snack. Gross.

  3. I love Broccoli. I put it on my pizza, omelets, and fettuccine.

    My son on the other hand won’t touch a veggie. We have to make him fruit salads mixed with yogurt and in the mix we hide spinach and carrots. Eats souvlaki like it’s going out of style though.

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