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  1. You’re waiting for me, aren’t’cha?

    It’s a beetle. Which one? I have no idea. There are roughly half a million known species with about 5 million more supposed.

    This is why, when J. B. S. Haldane, a British geneticist, was asked what his studies of nature revealed about God, he replied, “An inordinate fondness for beetles”. [wikipedia link]

    This is fun if you wanna try it: projects.ex.ac.uk/bugclub/bugid.html

  2. I know what it is, it’s a gross thingy. Put it outside if it’s big, squish it if it’s small.

    I squished a bug today, only because there’s no way for me to put it outside. Makes me feel bad for squishing one of mother nature’s creatures. :/

  3. Definitely a beetle. I guess it’s some kind of a fireflie (lampyridae). There’s 2000 species of fireflies – so no idea which one it is, but at least this one looks somewhat similar.

    And please don’t squash it – it’s harmless :-)

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