Bugs Taste Good

What Are You Eating? An Interactive Guide To FDA Guidelines For Rats, Maggots, Flies, and Insects:

Hey, nobody’s perfect. It’s hard to make peanut butter without a rat or two falling in the grinder, which is why the FDA sets maximum limits for “animal and insect impurities” in the food you eat every day. By estimating how many of these foods you’ve eaten in the past year, our calculator will tell you just how many impurities you might have consumed!

Here’s what I’ve eaten in the past year:

  • 2 insect larvae
  • 5 whole insects (or insect parts)
  • 941 fly eggs
  • 188 maggots
  • 450 rat hairs
  • 17143 mites
  • a can or two of ‘honey-combed tissue’ in your tuna (whatever the hell that means).

Mmmmm (drool)… rat hair.

2 Replies to “Bugs Taste Good”

  1. That’s what you’ve POSSIBLY eaten, but only IF they follow the maximum limits. If they ignore the FDA regulations you’ve eaten far far more tasty things.

  2. Yeah, and that’s not including the microscopic critters from those who process our food (be it meat, vegetables, or prepared foods) without washing their hands or wear sanitary clothing. Yum.

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