Build Your Own PC

Build the Most PC for Your Money:

A lot of you have expressed interest in finding out what we think is the best value for your dollars. What CPUs, hard drives, video cards, and other components will get you perilously close to the extreme high end, without making you spend extreme dollars? That’s sums up today’s build-it project. When choosing each component for this system, we asked “What gives you the most bang for the buck?”

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  1. Those were some pretty exact prices considering they are “assuming you get most of the parts from the same place”.

    I didn’t agree with a bunch of their choices. I assume all this stuff is american currency. The cpu they suggested is pretty costly still, a 3200+ would have saved about $75 for only a marginal performance decrease from the 3400+. A $76 dollar case, wtf? $130 speakers! $35 floppy drive?! They could have suggested a motherboard that had onboard sound and not have to spend the $70 on a sound card. Otherwise it looks decent.

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