Building A Bookcase

Build A Basic Bookcase:

I’ve got a deep-seeded distrust of any person whose house lacks books. Yeah, I know I’m a snob, but here’s the truth: while I can understand (though just barely, mind you) how a person could live without a computer, a TV, a VCR, maybe even a stereo, the notion of a life without books simply boggles the mind.
So I’m of the firm opinion that a person can never have enough bookshelf space.

I like how this writer thinks.

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  1. I should’ve mentioned this in my post:

    The Book On The Bookshelf by Henry Petroski is about bookshelves. It’s a history of the shelf and how its evolution mirrors that of civilation. No kidding. The author writes:

    … the presence of bookshelves greatly influences our behavior.

    Think about THAT.

  2. I have half a bookcase full of muscle mags, does that count?

    Positively influences behavhior, or turns you into a pompus snob? You’ve mentioned this to me before and I still believe that the number of books a person has means NOTHING, other than they have enough money to buy these books, but not necessarily read them. By this logic, I could go buy a bunch of books that I want to reflect “me,” and that would add to my decorum and, in your eyes, raise me to an acceptible social standing. Totally ignorant!

  3. > I still believe that the number of books a person has means NOTHING

    I agree. I loath to see books sitting on shelves like they’ve never been read, being displayed like trophies.

  4. good and simple. I’ve made a couple of small bookcases and small
    tables. Now, I want to build six foot long shelves. I live alone
    and am in a bit of a dilemma about how to do this. Any ideas? Got to have these utility shelves. Don’t really have walls to attach to


  5. jody wasn’t it you who once quoted to me winston churchill to the effect that 6000 volumes is only an adequate begining….

    plus all those book cases make great hiding places for my porn…ohh now you know…ooops..

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