Building A Patio Swing

Stores have been displaying summer outdoor items for a few weeks now: patio sets, gardening supplies, swimming gear. Whenever we walk by a patio set my daughter runs to the patio swing that’s set up, dragging us to it with “Come on! Come on! Let’s swing!”

Today, after my wife and I came back from a movie, we picked one up for $150 Canadian: a three person patio swing with a shade over it.

I bought it three hours ago. I started assembling it three hours ago. It’s still being assembled. I’m taking a break. I should’ve taken photos of the mess of parts laid out on the lawn, with the thousand buts and bolts, pieces of steel piled around, instructions almost ripped to shreds out of frustration…

But my daughter will like it, so it’s worth it. I think.

5 Replies to “Building A Patio Swing”

  1. There a 4 people looking at this site right now. Wow. Jody, if you’re one of them (most likely), get Dad to give me a call. I gotta cook some fiddleheads.

  2. It’s done after 4 hours. Unfortunately, my daughter’s gone to bed so she can’t appreciate my blood, sweat, and tears from building the damn thing. It’ll be a nice surprise tomorrow morning though. I need a beer.

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