Bus Tour to Havana, Cuba

We took a bus tour into Havana from our resort in Varadero. I’ve already posted photos. Here’s a short video clip from inside the bus:

We left around 9:00am, stopped off half way there to down the creamiest, tastiest piƱa coladas on the planet, and made it into Havana around 11:00am. Along the way we passed a few oil wells and refineries that stunk up the air with sulphur (reminded me of Eastern Passage in Nova Scotia):

We drove past the real Varadero along the way:

We stopped at some historic fort in Havana:

We also had lunch and walked around old Havana for a while. My camera made me a target for people selling junk on the street, but after I got rid of it and walked around unharassed, it was fine. If I could do it again, I would avoid all the tours and rent a hotel in Havana for a weekend instead. You can barely get a taste of the culture and the life of the city on a tour.

I just uploaded more Miscellaneous photos from Cuba. And by the way, avoid chocolate like this in Cuba:

Apparently real chocolate is hard to come by. This stuff was chocolate flavoured goo. If you want chocolate in Cuba, bring your own.

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