Bush Is Coming! (No pun intended.)

Halifax prepares for George Bush visit:

U.S. President George W. Bush is expected to visit Halifax next week on his two-day Canadian tour, thanking Atlantic Canadian residents for helping stranded American passengers following the Sept. 11 attacks.
Anti-war groups are hoping to gather 20,000 protesters in Ottawa during Bush’s visit to protest the American occupation of Iraq.

Phillip’s looking for ideas on how to express is displeasure of Bush’s policies. Is it against Canadian law to throw a pie in a foreign diplomat’s face?

2 Replies to “Bush Is Coming! (No pun intended.)”

  1. *shudder* No pies – the Secret Service is likely to overreact to something like that. Instead, why don’t we pool our karma and hope for bad weather so that his plane can’t land and has to be diverted somewhere else. Like St. Pierre-Miquelon? >:)

  2. Just showing up to swell the ranks of other people who know what’s actually going on is quite a statement in itself. I suppose a good sign helps too … I’m not clever at that stuff, but “Go Home”, “Draft Dodgers (Except For You) Welcome” or “Bomb Us And We’ll Kick Your Ass” sound pretty honest…

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