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newfoundland flagI’m headed to St. John’s, Newfoundland today for a business trip. My employer is a system integrator of an RFID proposal and I’m the Technical Architect; there’s a company in Newfoundland who specializes in RFID solutions, whom we may partner with.

Phillip’s picking me up at the airport. His big plans for me:

I kissed a cod long ago (when there were cod).

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  1. Waiting in Moncton airport now. The ticket fella said they’d be a 50 minute delay, but I still have lots of time to reach my connecting flight in Halifax. Air Canada, of course. I was even foolish enough to check-in some luggage, which I don’t normally do with Air Canada; but it’s only one connecting flight – can’t screw that up, can they?

  2. Air Canada can screw up your baggage without a connection. I missed my connecting flight to Texas a couple of weeks ago cause the US boarder guys thought it would be cool to question me. NEVER say you have a business trip. ALWAYS say you are training! I waited around the Toronto airport for 6 hours for the next flight to Houston.

  3. Random thoughts while waiting for flight at Halifax Airport:

    – We got a hotel up on Kenmount Road, which was stupid, given it’s not in walking distance of Phillip’s place nor interesting places (i.e. downtown). We’re considering switching hotels tomorrow.

    – I don’t enjoy the hassle of traveling with kids, but there is one aspect I miss about it: seeing them experience new things. My son would enjoy running around the big airport here, looking at the big planes, playing around the rows of chairs… ya, it’d be a handful, but I miss seeing their excitement already.

    – Halifax Airport now has free wireless!

    – Tim Hortons’ new “slow roasted beef sandwich” is awful. The beef tastes like it’s been canned for five years, and their bread is not good for sandwiches; hard crust on top, such that it squeezes the sandwich’s innards out when you take a bite, making a sloppy mess.

    – I started reading Randy Pausch’s The Last Lecture. It’s nice. Makes me want to be a better dad.

  4. More random thoughts:

    – I’m going to start biking with my 7 year old daughter. She’s not confident enough to go far, but I think she’ll be fine going wherever she wants; she’s old enough to make wise decisions. In any case, it’s fun to see her on the bike, so in addition to helping her explore the neighborhood more, I’ll be getting much needed exercise.

    – The whole family is excited about the thought of getting a dog; it’s on our minds all the time, how we’ll take him on daily walks, to the beach, on hikes… It’ll be fun having a dog in the house again. Probably won’t get one until July or August, though: the Newfoundland pups haven’t been born yet.

    – I’d like to get some original paintings for the house. Try for local artists first.

    – I think I just saw a CBC personality here in the airport! A Newfoundlander – a comedian from This Hour Has 22 Minutes, I think. Let’s see… Mark Critch. I didn’t know that was his name until now. Should I say Hi if we sit by each other on the plane?

  5. Yeah, whoever booked your hotel should have asked if they were downtown. You’re more or less out on a highway dotted with big box stores and crap like that.

    Being within walking distance of my house is a moot point because we don’t allow anyone to visit us in this apartment that’s slowly caving in on it. We’re ashamed of how we live.

    I see a Newfoundland or CBC personality every time I go to the airport. The last time I saw Rick Mercer.

    I hope you’re on the plane as I write this. I wonder if you’re hungry and how late your flight is going to be.

  6. jody as part of that trippy thing…next summer…I meet you in NB and then we ride to Phils…. I asked mamma yesterday and she said if I get the debt down I can go…I am thinking September 2009….

    yeah the kissy thing….I think we should kiss a seal…then club it to death….you know start a new tradition….the fear of getting ones face chewed off , and the subsequent bloodlust of killing another mammal… I feel would make that slug of screech all the better….

    enjoy the puppy time, I can not even remember schooner as a puppy…I ride with henry to school, about 4 kilometres…he is seven…it is hard for him to remember everything to watch for..but he feels a sense of accomplishment when he arrives…he is the only kid at his school who rides his bike….anja was the same when she went…it is so sad….when I biked with anja the principal of the school actually questioned the wisdom of allowing my child to bike to school…yeah…needless to say that principal will be striking my name from any sublist he administers after our discussion about children biking to school…lgo sorm edc w

  7. Ride to Phils? My brother? In Newfoundland?!

    My daughter walks to school (or gets driven by a neighbor, which I don’t like – I’d rather they walked), but biking would be funner. I’ll mention to her.

    I arrived in St. John’s on time; Phillip and Jenny were waiting for me. We had a late supper at the Keg, where our excellent steak was slightly over-cooked so they gave us free desserts (I had to look up how to spell “dessert”).

  8. SUSHI! Yippee.

    You don’t kiss mackerel, you snap them.

    Mr. Mean’s nephew’s wife, Wendy Russell, used to live in Dartmouth. Recently relocated to Barrie, Ontario.

    Check out her art website. She’s affordable. Somewhere on her site you can click for the Barrie group she’s with and see other great artwork.

  9. what.. no frog on the menu when you went out with phillip….I am sure it would have been local and organic

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