Cairns Brothers Brewing Company

cairns beerThe Cairns Brothers Brewing Company doesn’t appear to be a big company, and the doctored photos on their site are funny.

Early experiments, such as a green beer made especially for St. Patrick’s Day, met with limited success, and were chalked up as “learning experiences.”

No relation to me (I hope).

I’d rather get in the scotch business.

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  1. No, no, no. It’s a pub in Glasgow called Cairns’. I know because I live in Glasgow (I’m not related to the owners though).

  2. So Frank: Since we’re probably 634th cousins AND you live in Scotland, you may know about any Cairns castle that may exist. Are there any still standing? And if so, what’s their condition? I’d love to research my family tree more, but I’ve only traced it back to about 4 generations where some Cairns ended up in Quebec City or Montreal.

  3. I’m glad you folks enjoyed our website. We had a lot of fun creating it and enjoy the emails we get from Cairns “relatives” and others around the world.

    Unfortunately, most of them just want free stuff.


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