Canada Arrests George W. Bush

george bush under arrestIt appears the inevitable has happened: Canadians Authorities Arrest U.S. President Bush On War Charges:

Canadian authorities have arrested US president George W. Bush in Ottawa. He has been charged with several offences under Canada’s War Crimes Act. Vice-President Dick Cheney has mobilized the American military and all border crossings between the two nations have closed. Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin has urged for calm in a short radio and television broadcast to the Canadian people immediately after the arrest.
A Britney Spears concert which had been scheduled to occur this evening in Ottawa has been postponed. A spokesman for the entertainer said that Ms. Spears was concerned for the President’s wife and two daughters. The spokesman also said that Ms. Spears would be praying for the president.

Man, did we “polite” Canadians fool them!

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  1. Speaking of Bush, I just got back from the protests in Halifax. I’m now listening to Bush’s speech on the radio while I transfer my video footage, which I will post later if it’s interesting.

  2. From Online diary: A moment-by-moment account of the Bush visit:

    They’re having fun out here. Sure, there are signs calling Bush a terrorist. But people are laughing and they do have a sense of humour about this.

    I saw one sign that said “Frodo has failed. Bush has the ring.” Another sign said “The only Bush I trust is my own.”

  3. I saw those protest signs too. They were good. You’ll see most of them (including one from Yoda) in the video to be posted momentarily.

  4. “Bush got arrested” became the number one story on Google, and has been mentioned by the Wall Street Journal, and the Sydney Morning Herald…. more to do with Google’s non human news editor allowing “silly stories” to get posted as legit info…. but still….

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