Canada for Asia – Benefit Concert

As I write post this (7:55pm Atlantic time), the Canada for Asia concert is playing on CBC tv and radio, plus a bunch of other stations around the world. You can watch the webcast or listen to the audio stream here.

Scheduled to play are: The Tragically Hip, Rush, Blue Rodeo, Sloan, Bryan Adams, Barenaked Ladies, Oscar Peterson, Bruce Cockburn, Jann Arden, Tom Cochrane, Anne Murray, Sam Roberts, Molly Johnson, Daniel Lanois, Mir, David Usher, Doc Walker, Jason McCoy, Marc Jordan, The Trews, Shaye, Keisha Chante, and many more artists, most who I’ve never heard of or never listen to. But it’s for a good cause, so check it out if you can.

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  1. Christ, I was just watching Celine Dion’s performance. She talked for a couple minutes and then she sang. I don’t know which I hate the most, the way she talks or the way she sings. But it’s during moments like this that I almost feel ashamed to be Canadian. God, she’s awful. The horror…

  2. Rush played Closer To The Heart with the guitarist from The Barenaked Ladies and some guy with thick glasses who looked like he had Down Syndrome. They played in a studio, so I suspect it was a prerecorded segment, reminiscent of the Tom Sawyer video without the pretty view. I love watching Neil Peart play.

  3. That was Ed Robinson from the Barenaked Ladies, and the guy with glasses was Bubbles from “Trailer Park Boys” (can’t remember the actor’s name).

    I was able to catch the bit where Rick Mercer played with the RMC band.

  4. I was at the concert. It was quite well done, especially under such short notice. So laid back too… no security, so the artists and celebs are mingling around, standing in the corner, whatever. Celine’s “performance” almost made me wretch–mind you, i was laughing so hard, it would have been difficult. RUSH was awesome (as expected), and Rick Mercer was hilarious as always.

  5. hey can someone please help me out, what was the name of the song david usher performed? cause i can’t find it anywhere and it’s driving me nuts. Please respond, thanx a bunch

  6. For anyone else interested, David Usher sang an acoustic version of “Love Will Save the Day” which has just been released to radio as the first single from his new album “If God had Curves”. Check it out…it is amazinG!!

  7. more about david usher….. :) if you go to his label’s site ( you can hear his song. it’s so brilliant!

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