Canada’s 2004 Federal Election

My wife and I voted today in the Canadian Federal election, voting for the Green Party not necessarily because we support their policies (although we may), but because the other parties regurgitate the same old rhetoric.

5 Replies to “Canada’s 2004 Federal Election”

  1. How many American visitors to Steel White Table knew there was a federal election going on in Canada right now?

  2. The Green Party didn’t win, but they did get “the popular vote”, meaning over 4% of the population voted for them. That qualifies them to receive hundreds of thousands every year (I think – some amount) of federal funding. Weird, but true.

  3. They get $1.75 for every vote cast for them, at least until the next election (or maybe it’s for 4 years).

  4. I think it’s weird that the Greens got their best showing (6%) in Alberta, a Conservative stronghold (61%).

    To me the Green Party platform sounds a lot like the NDP one. Although Jim Harris accuses Jack Layton of stealing all his good ideas. It would have been interesting to see him at the leaders’ debate. But maybe he would have spouted off some of that same old rhetoric too, so his exclusion may have worked in his favor (but probably not).

  5. i’m withholding my vote until a deserving party steps up to the plate, or until some great man leads a coup in this country. Until then, they can take their elections and shove them.

    don’t tell me it’s throwing away my vote either, i’m casting a vote in favor of real CHANGE.