Canada’s Oil

Canada’s oil supply could top Saudi Arabia: report

Alberta’s oilsands could become the single biggest contributor to new global supply within 10 years… That would mean a global shift in oil dominance from Saudi Arabia and the Middle East to Canada.

So, Canada will be in demand for its water, lumber, and now oil; and with a national election occuring in a couple weeks, we could be screwed, as How to Save the World notes:

A Harper government, like the Bush and Mulroney governments, will sell off the federal government’s assets to corporate friends at obscene discounts, and deregulate us into a laissez-faire nightmare where corporatist social and environmental destruction will spiral untrammeled and out of control. Even under the weakened Liberals this has already begun.

We will then be America Lite — still bristling at the thought that we’re just like Americans, but with our assets even more substantially owned by Americans than they are today, an economic colony with the fading illusion of relevant political independence. Instead of being the potential role model for the 21st century, we will be the country of great promise that was never realized.

(via Through The Mist Darkly)

3 Replies to “Canada’s Oil”

  1. Is that the dickhead who said that the maritimes are lazy and they’re just looking for handouts? Grrr..

    So we have all this oil, but americans pay less for oil than us. Good game canadian fuckernment.

  2. wow, there was so much that was wrong with that article. As an American who has worked for years in the oil industry. I have to tell you, The American oil companies pay huge taxes, pay big lease fees, and state taxes, pay enviromental clean up fees, even when there is nothing to clean up (its a reserve). And for a while had to pay a windfall profits tax on top of all that.
    Besides, what the hell is so bad about cheap commodities and a brisk economy?

  3. sure, all we need is the friggen albertans getting even MORE cocky about their bit oil money… separatist bastards!

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