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Phillip Cairns is a beekeeper in St. John's, Newfoundland, who writes about beekeeping at mudsongs.org.

6 Replies to “Captain Kirk Sings “O Canada””

  1. Canada is awesome in many ways, from the falls to Old Spanky, but now the dirty little secret of tar sands is out. The greedy moneymakers will continue to pollute and destroy, us and ultimately themselves if they continue this rape, pillage and poisoning of Canada.
    Stop it. and Stop it now. Thank you for your support William, if indeed you do support Canada for your children.

  2. I would have thought that William Shatner being Canadian would have been the dirty little secret….

    The tar sands….not really little….and not so much of a secret….

    of course I may be biased in that I have taken great advantage in my 40 plus years to live a life that in almost every other part of the planet would be deemed king like….raised in an east coast canadian middle class environment, having access to publicly supported education through to university, publicly supported health care which all of my family and extended family have made use of, a steady supply of food stuffs both good and bad..some may actually be edible oil products, and during all that time all levels of government have been stable in the sense that no government be it municipal, provincial or federal have deemed it necessary to shoot at me, even when I send dismissive missives to those in power or voice in other ways my discontent with their actions, and for the most part said governments have provided a multitude of services and benefits to which I alone could not procure…sooo what you ask…why this meandering tirade….because at the heart of this north american affluence post second world is the access to cheap energy….yes …yes…I know the environmental costs have yet to be paid and we will pay…but I mean in a larger sense we as a society have an abundance and affluence unheard of and it is predicated on cheap energy…..and we are addicted to it….

    soo until my standard of living drops dramatically which it may…or I manage to live my life off grid, eating what I can grow and kill without the use of the multitude of products derived from oil..(better chuck this computer away) I find it difficult to with equal passion as demonstrated above, to protest..we are addicted to cheap energy and will rape and pillage and poison until the last drop is extracted and refined..and we will be playing our gameboys until the last electrical impulse is transmitted and we all fade to darkness…

    you wanna do something for the children…teach em chinese, teach em to hunt and skin animals, teach em to grow food, make shelter, how to chuck a knife…frig…our rapacious appetite for resources will not be satiated until the resource is exhausted…and then we will find something else to exploit…

    still.. life as it is.. is for the most part…good…enjoy…while ya can…..and acquire a taste for jellyfish if seafood is your thing…..

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