Catching The Wrong Fish

Stop the net - WWF CanadaStop The Net isn’t about the internet. It’s a campaign by the World Wildlife Fund – Canada to raise the awareness of bycatch:

Bycatch is a term for marine creatures that are accidentally caught in fishing gear intended for other species. Mostly unused and thrown back dead, bycatch amounts to 30 million tonnes of ocean waste per year. That’s 25% of all fish caught in the world.

I became aware of their campaign through their startling commercial – the girl’s expression makes the commercial.

Update (Oct. 11): Sedition sent me information about Seafood Watch, a program developed by the Monterey Bay Aquarium in California (I had to look it up):

Some of the key problems that help us evaluate whether a fishery is sustainable include the level of bycatch observed, the fishing methods and their impact, if it is farmed—how it is farmed, and how well the fishery or aquaculture operation is managed. With nearly 75% of the world’s fisheries either fully fished or overfished, these issues are more important than ever.

2 Replies to “Catching The Wrong Fish”

  1. Save the whales..shoot the seals….Hey its probably too little too late…I have read studies about cod…there is questions of if the bio mass even exists to bring back the stock…In our lifetime “fresh fish” will become a there will be “solent green fish” with Charleton Heston as the ad guy…

    Would have been more effective if a shark came out and gobbled up the little girl..then she could be said to have done something constructive to the preservation of the marine environment…not simply to have got into her suv with her dad and driven 3 hours to a corporate marine park..where the dolphins go insane swimming in circles…*&^% dolphin was probably suicidal anyway..ahhh its so easy being cynical prick…

    happy turkey day…hey let me tell you about how that turkey came to be upon your table…

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