PC-to-TV Not Working

I’ve got an old POS computer running XP with a GeForce FX 5200 video card. I’ve connected it to a 27-inch 500-pound Radiation King TV through an S-Video cable. I’ve installed the Nvidia driver UI so it shows up in the Control Panel and I’ve messed with various settings, but it’s not working. My TV picture looks like this: The vertical image isn’t steady. (Is that called vertical tracking? I

I’m Not Going to London

Jenny and I thought about taking a trip to London, England, because Air Canada is offering a round-trip special of $418 per person. I knew there would be a few hidden additional fees, but this is ridiculous. Check out the breakdown: $418 ticket price. Advertised ticket price for two: $832. $805 in hidden fees. Actual price: $1611. But at least we only have to pay $1.95 in taxes.

@#$%*! :)

I had to use a smiley face emoticon in an email today to someone I did a job for over a month ago but hasn’t paid me yet (I didn’t want to seem pushy). A little piece of my soul withered and died.

I Don’t Like Sharing

Does anyone know how to remove or disable these annoying pop-up “Share” buttons? I’m using FireFox 3.5.7 with Vista. A certain Greasemonkey script works on CBC.ca and a few other sites, but not all of them. Does anyone know how I can remove these annoyances from all sites?