Listening To Jonathon Goldstein Listen

WireTap, a show on CBC Radio One hosted by Jonathon Goldstein, is a pseudo talk show, where the host… …invites you to tune in and eavesdrop as he talks over the phone with some of the country’s best storytellers. Sometimes he catches them on their cell phones making late-night trips to the emergency room, sometimes he finds them at home on a Sunday afternoon, flipping TV stations with Mexican take-out

Ethiopia Medium Roast

“I take my coffee black, with a little of cream. I wake up every morning with the sun.” — Greg Brown Tommboy sent me a shoe box full of coffee beans. It arrived yesterday. (Good thinking, Tom, the coffee smell effectively disguises the smell of the dope.) In the shoe box are sample packs of the following flavours: The Dark Side (dark roast); Sumatra (dark roast); Ethiopia (medium roast); Peru

West-Jet Waited For Me

Last year in November I almost missed a flight from Hamilton, Ontario to Moncton, New Brunswick. I didn’t miss it because West-Jet waited for me. Here’s the letter I sent them today: I’m writing to thank you for your outstanding, incomparable service. On Sunday, November 27, 2005 (sorry for the delay in writing this), I had a 1:10pm flight from Hamilton to Moncton. I left London at 9am, 90 minutes