Light Switch Time Capsule

Light Switch Time Capsule is a cool idea the kids may enjoy:

I get nostalgic when I move out of a home, especially if it’s one I’ve lived in awhile. Leaving a secret treasure or two, stashed here and there, seems to help me get closure.

This Make project describes how to add a writeup “hidden” behind a light switch. They provide a template you can use too.

What should I do in Cuba?

I’m headed to Cuba within the next 30 days for a week-long trip at one of the ubiquitous all-inclusive resorts in Varadero. I don’t think I’ve had a relaxing vacation any time in the past 10 years. So I’ll be happy to sit on my butt and do nothing the whole time. I won’t have internet access, a mobile phone, and I won’t bump into anyone I know. That’s 99% paradise just like that.

I’ll be there at a time of year when the sun doesn’t shine every single day and temperatures dip from time to time. So I won’t be snorkelling and kayaking the whole time (the extent of my physical activities).

I wouldn’t mind checking out some of the local culture as far away as Havana. I like good music and good food and natural beauty over cityscapes. I don’t care about the night life. But I’m pretty much game for anything.

I haven’t travelled much. This will be my first time in Cuba. Any suggestions?

An Interview Between Christian Todd Friel and Christopher Hitchens

From Debunking Christianity, an awesome interview with Christopher Hitchens.

Friel: “If God created you and provides everything for you, does he have rights on your life?”

Hitchens: “No. I don’t accept anyone’s right to own me. I created my children and provide for them, but I don’t own them. Besides, would this mean that the sick and starving for whom God has not provided are not owned by God?”

Friel: “Um… next question…”

An Appreciation For Local Food And Farming

ChefDtv’s first episode features our own tommyboy (the one wearing the skirt) and the Farmers’ Market in Owen Sound, which tommyboy is the manager of:

Our first episode takes us to the Owen Sound Market. I love this place! It is filled with vendors who are passionate about their wares and run by a man, Tom Pink, who has made the Market his true love. So take the drive up Hwy 10 to a beautiful city and to a food lover’s paradise. You’re worth it!

I want to be a farmer now.