Crazy Inspired Guy Replicates “The Muppet Show” Sets

It breaks down like this. Some years ago, a toy company began releasing Muppet Show character figures that were more accurately replicated than anything that had been produced before. The company had a full line up of characters scheduled to be produced along with a replica of the Muppet Theatre that included the backstage area. But the company went bankrupt and that was the end of it… until a guy

Mary Pratt “Jelly Shelf” Print

When will Mary Pratt‘s “Jelly Shelf” painting be released as a high quality print? We already have one of her prints framed and mounted on a wall in our dining room area, and we love it. But we’ve been hoping to see the jars painting (as we’ve always called it) available as a print since we first saw it in person at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia in 2005

The Best of “Outfront”

The CBC Radio program Outfront was one the best uses of radio on the planet. Outfront is [or was] radio stories about real life. It’s all about your ideas, your experiences, your perspectives, your story. It’s fifteen minutes of storytelling, experimental audio and new ways of making radio. Stories told from Canadian perspectives about the Canadian experience. You won’t hear traditional storytelling, and you won’t hear reporters or hosts. Outfront

Clockmaking Seems Great

I wonder how much training it takes to become a clockmaker. Maybe it’s an idealized vocation, like being a baker sweating over hot ovens all day, a vocation that isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Or maybe it’s as calm, cool and peaceful as it seems in this video. Embedded video from CNN Video (Via a Facebook posting by a Whole Wheat Radio listener.)