Android Smartphone Versus iPhone

I recently purchased an HTC Desire Z, a smartphone that’s competitive to the iPhone and Blackberry. Here’s why I choose the android-based phone over others: We had the need recently to get a 2nd cell phone. Our regular prepaid cell phone from President’s Choice Telecom is great: we like its minimal cost and features; however, if I were to get a 2nd cell phone I wanted internet access.

Review: USB Classic Joystick

I’m a nerd. I recently bought two USB Atari joysticks for playing simple MAME video games. The joystick is marketed as a “USB Classic Joystick,” manufactured by a company called Legacy. I placed my order through ThinkGeek because Legacy didn’t have any in stock. The total was about $60 Canadian after shipping fees. The joysticks arrived within days of my order, and Customs officials only stole $7 from me this

Use Fake Answers For Security Questions

Ex-Credit Card Thief Recommends Making Up Fake Answers To Security Questions: In an interview, a former credit card thief talks about some of the scams he used to run on unwary consumers… instead of putting down the real answer to “What’s your mother’s maiden name?” put down “unicorn princess.” I’d never be able to remember the fake answers. Maybe you could put variations of the real answers. Some suggestions: Spell

Does The Keg offer vegetarian meals?

I received a $100 certifcate for The Keg recently, so my wife (vegetarian) and I are going there soon. The Keg is known for its steaks, and vegetarians are usually limited to salads or pasta at similar places – sometimes not even that since they often include chicken. I emailed the Corporate office of The Keg recently asking about vegetarian options: We received a gift certificate for The Keg recently

Rogers Doesn’t Use Email

A Corporate division of Rogers won’t use email to communicate with me about my account. Rogers, my internet service provider and a major Canadian company, phoned my house while I was at work. They left a phone number with my wife for me to call them back. I emailed Rogers the following: My wife told me Rogers called to talk to me this morning. Rogers left a phone # to