Cancelling Cable TV For Netflix

As I posted in Replacing Cable TV with Netflix, we’re trying Netflix instead of cable TV for a month; that month is almost over and we’re cutting the cord – no more cable. I just cancelled my television cable and upgraded my internet package. We didn’t watch any cable TV the past month, using Netflix the entire time. We all love it. I upgraded my internet package to increase the

I’m looking for a Fuji “FinePix A205” digital camera

Does anyone have an old Fuji “FinePix A205” banging around they wouldn’t mind parting with? The camera used to come with a free printer, but eventually the printer came with a free camera. We’re talking quality here. These FinePix cameras are nothing special, maxing out at 2.0 megapixels with a cheap plastic lens. But I need one that works and I’ll trade you for it. The best I can offer

10 DVD & Blu-ray Recommendations (October 2010)

Here are 10 new and old movies or TV shows I’ve seen in the past year that are now available on DVD and Blu-ray, and probably Netflix, etc. They’re all top-notch, but I’ve listed them in order of highest recommendation to least-highest recommendation. If your tastes are close to mine, you might enjoy them. #1: Band of Brothers is a 10-part HBO mini-series that follows a bunch of guys through

Shopping for a Family Sized Tent

I know someone who’s thinking about buying a tent so he can take his kids camping somewhere other than his backyard. Any tent recommendations people? A friend of mine has a North Face tent that virtually pops open. I’d get one of those.

Surreal Cheeseburger Doritos

Have you sampled the Cheeseburger-flavoured Doritos yet? Frito-Lay has taken two of the most disgusting, unhealthy food products ever invented and have combined them into one. Normally I wouldn’t recommend any kind of Doritos, but this flavour is surreal. Because it tastes like a cheeseburger. A greasy, meaty, melted-process-cheese-laden hamburger in a sesame seed bun. It’s a marvel of science that they managed to create that specific flavour and put