A Scammer’s Scam Backfires

Powerbook, kindaScamming the Scammer:

It started with a scam, and turned into the greatest prank ever. You can read about it all in the detailed story.

The story of how a guy got back at someone trying to scam them in an ebay auction. The full text of the story is available in HTML and PDF formats.

The original thread copied into the PDF file is still online, titled This guy is trying to rip me off on ebay. How should I respond to his email.

The story is an exciting read.

(Thanks, Eric)

Waitresses (And Waiters) Are People Too

The Stained Apron:

Dedicated to the venting of food servers’ frustrations and a harsh education of the dining public!

They have some enlightening, amusing articles, such as Why Tipping Is So Important:

If you are one of those despicable types who doesnít believe in tipping and who frequents the same restaurants repeatedly, I GUARANTEE the servers are doctoring your food or throwing it on the floor and then back onto your plate or worse. If you donít tip at least 15%, I bet you have ingested your serverís saliva at least once.

Used Amusement Park Rides

Five refurbished Spin Rides available for immediate delivery:

All feature new floors made of aluminum to last longer in all types of weather; four vehicles per ride hold up to 4 adults or 6 children per vehicle; easy to transport and set-up; perfect for adults and children to ride together; large, colorful designs attract patrons.

The Berry Go Round goes for $43,750 U.S. Your children will worship you.

Drive-through Outsourcing

Want fries with outsourcing?

Pull off U.S. Interstate Highway 55 near Cape Girardeau, Missouri, and into the drive-through lane of a McDonald’s next to the highway and you’ll get fast, friendly service, even though the person taking your order is not in the restaurant – or even in Missouri.
The order taker is in a call center in Colorado Springs, more than 900 miles, or 1,450 kilometers, away, connected to the customer and to the workers preparing the food by high-speed data lines. Even some restaurant jobs, it seems, are not immune to outsourcing.