Tim Hortons in the U.S., Part 1

I emailed the following to Tim HortonsCustomer Service (email address there) today:

Dear Tim Hortons,
I’m from Moncton, N.B., where I am used to consistent coffee servings: a "double-double" is the same at every Tim Hortons I go to.
I’ve been traveling to the U.S. recently and was pleasantly surprised to see some Tim Hortons. Like other national franchises and your Canadian stores, I expected the same quality and service in the U.S.; unfortunately, there’s a big difference.
First, I was surprised to discover that the "large" size I’m used to in Moncton is an "extra large" in the U.S.; a Canadian "medium" is a "large" in the U.S. A minor complaint.
Secondly, and more importantly, the cream and sugar measurements added to coffees are inconsistent between each visit to the store. One day a "double-double" is equivalent to a "single-single", the next it’s a "triple-triple". Each day is a surprise.
Do your franchise operations go through training to ensure coffee servings are consistent? Shouldn’t there be a standard measurement for a "double-double"?
The U.S. Tim Hortons I frequent is at:
29030 Van Dyke Ave
Warren, MI 48093-2301
I’m looking forward to your response.
jody cairns

Updates: See Part 2 (automated response), and Part 3 (their formal reply).