Who Drinks Scotch?

Beginner’s single malt Scotch is a post at MetaFilter where someone asked:

What’s a decent, inexpensive and readily available single malt or good blend for a brand-new scotch drinker whose current dram of choice is a good dark sipping rum?

The first response recommends J&B, a common, inexpensive blend that I’d never recommend, although I do drink Teachers, a cheap blend that doesn’t taste cheap.

There’s no right answer; everyone’s tastes are different. There are a lot of excellent suggestions posted, although someone wrote:

Stay clear of the Islay malts like Lagavulin or Laphroaig until you’ve cut your teeth on the easier stuff.

Bullshit. The first time you open a bottle of Lagavulin and let the aroma of peaty air permeate the room, you’ll fall in love.

Poaching An Egg

Poaching an eggMy parents always used to poach an egg using a metal contraption that sat on top of a boiling pot of water. You’d break an egg in shallow metal bowls that sat in the contraption and you’d steam the egg. After I started to take an interest in cooking I was surprised to learn that that wasn’t really a poached egg. A poached egg is cooked in boiling water: just dump the raw egg into a pot and let it cook; however, it’s an art. If you nonchalantly dump the egg in it’ll spread around making a mess. The trick is keeping the albumin (the white part) and yolk from separating, so it looks like an egg instead of just an egg dumped in a pot of boiling water.

I read once that you have to stir the water before you put the egg in, creating a vortex that helps keep the egg together; that doesn’t work well in my experience. The World’s Healthiest Foods website has an In-Home Cooking Demo section that illustrates how to do common cooking tasks, including poaching an egg. It works, too. The secret: add vinegar to the water.

Help With Chopsticks

chopstick helperFun Chop – Chopstick Helper:

This uniquely designed Chopsticks “Clip” holds two separate pieces of chopsticks together to help users enjoy experience of dinning in an Asian cuisine. Its simple design endorses users of all ethnicity and age. This clips on very easy and holds firmly on variety of wooden and some plastic chopsticks.

I’d use them. A dollar each according to another website.