Too fast food

I finished Fast Food Nation: The Dark Side of the All-American Meal last week. It describes the influence the fast food industry has on aspects of our society: food quality, labor laws, eating habits, animal production. It seems to be well researched and it’s easily digested (haha); I read it in less than a week. In his afterword added for the paperback edition, he defends critical reviews of the book


Here’s a nice, detailed photo of my first Krispy Kreme donut, which I had a couple of weeks ago in Detroit. Hmmmm Mmmmm!

Salads are good

I’ve been eating Wendy’s salads lately. I prefer their Mandarin Chicken Salad because it has a variety of lettuces in it, and the almonds and manadins are a nice change from regular salad ingredients. It cost $3.99 here in Michigan. Their Chicken BLT has cucumbers which I HATE, and it has those little tomatoes that feel like you’re chewing eyeballs (oh, I KNOW) if you close your eyes when you

Cherry beer. No shit.

I bought Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat beer today, and it actually has a cherry flavor; it’s brewed with cherries. It’s good! It’s not sweet: slighty spicey with a little dry finish; you can feel your tongue drying out. I don’t think I’d drink it regularly, but it’s a nice change. It cost me $7.00 U.S. for six bottles at Kroger’s.

Why scotch isn’t beer

I was recently asked: A few nights ago a friend and I dropped by a pub for a pint. While I was ordering my beer, I heard a guy talking about how scotch and beer have the same ingredients, that they’re only brewed differently, and that if you let beer age for 15 years you’d end up with scotch. Is this true? How can scotch and beer be the same