Portal 2 Reveals My Mental Limitations

portal gamePortal (released October 9, 2007) and Portal 2 (released April 19, 2011) are two computer games that involve solving puzzles. You play a character trapped in rooms. You have a gun that creates holes (portals) in walls and floors to help manipulate your environment to find a way out.

Portal’s gameplay is unique, requiring an entry in Wikipedia for dummies like me:

The portal gun can create two distinct portal ends, orange and blue. The portals create a visual and physical connection between two different locations in three-dimensional space. Neither end is specifically an entrance or exit; all objects that travel through one portal will exit through the other. An important aspect of the game’s physics is momentum redirection. As moving objects pass through portals, they come through the exit portal at the same direction as the exit portal is facing and with the same velocity with which they passed through the entrance portal. For example, a common maneuver is to jump down to a portal on the floor and emerge through a wall, flying over a gap or another obstacle. This allows the player to launch objects or Chell herself over great distances, both vertically and horizontally…

And Portal 2 adds more ways to manipulate objects.

My brain can’t handle it, although I enjoy watching other people play Portal.

Canvas Rider – Cool Online Game

canvas rider online gameCanvas Rider is a lot of fun but frustrating – in a good way.

Canvas Rider is an addictive game where you ride a bike on tracks drawn by other players. It’s entirely written in JavaScript & HTML5… Controls are simple: press UP to pedal, DOWN to brake, LEFT & RIGHT to lean & balance, Z to turn around.

Here are some tracks I enjoyed:
Supercross Preview
Whistler mt
Shiner Bock
Contest Entry by wolfram

You can draw and upload your own tracks.

I only tested it with Chrome.