Weird Garden Fungus

Can anyone identify this fungus I noticed growing at the base of a mint plant in my garden? I don’t know what it, but it doesn’t look good. It’s abundant and well rooted to the soil around the mint plant.

Weather Network Gardening Forecast

While checking the weather forecast on The Weather Network website today, I noticed they also provide a general forecast for gardeners. This isn’t how I stumbled on to it, but here’s the general route: Click the Home & Garden tab and select Lawn & Garden Forecast from the drop-down menu. Then click your province and then your city. A “Switch To Garden Forecast” button on the regular forecast page for

Newfoundland Beekeepers on Facebook

Mud Songs, the fabulous and famous Newfoundland beekeeping website that everybody loves is now on Facebook at Mud Songs (Nfld Beekeepers). All you have to do is “Like” it! As of this date, Mud Songs is the only beekeeping blog originating out of Newfoundland. It records the trials, tribulations and triumphs of two backyard beekeepers who have been keeping bees in the cold wet climate of St. John’s, Newfoundland, since

Potato Tower Didn’t Work

The big potato tower experiment was not a success. The original article in the Seattle Times makes it seem easier than it is. I haven’t heard of too many success stories so far. We planted our potatoes around May 17th. We did our first test harvest 3 months later on August 17th. It looked like this: All the gory details are continued over at Mud Songs. My adventures in gardening

An Appreciation For Local Food And Farming

ChefDtv’s first episode features our own tommyboy (the one wearing the skirt) and the Farmers’ Market in Owen Sound, which tommyboy is the manager of: Our first episode takes us to the Owen Sound Market. I love this place! It is filled with vendors who are passionate about their wares and run by a man, Tom Pink, who has made the Market his true love. So take the drive up