Time-lapse Sunflowers

Here’s a time-lapse video of a lilac tree and some sunflowers growing in a corner of my backyard from May 3 to October 16 of this year. I took one photo just about every day. The video is 30 seconds long, but only about 10 seconds are time-lapsed. In that portion of the video, one month goes by in about 2 seconds. The time-lapse effect is more impressive, I suppose,

Buried, Cremated or Promessioned?

When you’re dead, do you want to be buried, cremated or promessioned? From article I just read in The Walrus: The dearly departed are first supercooled in liquid nitrogen to about minus 196°C, then shattered into very small pieces on a vibration table… Next a vacuum is used to evaporate moisture while a metal separator… shuffles aside fillings, crowns, titanium hips, and so on… Finally, the vaguely pink crumbs are

Watching a Lilac Tree

I just took a photo of the lilac tree in my backyard. I drove a nail into the railing on my back deck. I braced the camera against the nail and lined up the left edge of the frame to the edge of the shed. I’ll add a new photo every day until the tree is in full bloom. Press the play button on the embedded slide show and watch